About Agnieszka

NOW located in Halifax Nova Scotia.

Agnieszka Klim is an empath and spiritual healer based in Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Agnieszka’s goal is to help her clients understand past, present, and future events, so that these experiences bring clarity and direction, not confusion and distress. She is passionate about helping each person discover their divine purpose by becoming more grounded in our sacred earth. We must first embrace our collective being, because only then can we connect to our higher spiritual self.

Originally from Poland, Agnieszka is a third-generation card reader who learned her traditional methods using playing cards from her grandmother. Her grandmother’s mother was privileged to learn this rare gift from a true gypsy.

She specializes in a wide range of intuitive services, including card readings, energy healing, and spiritual cleansing.

“Our life journey is full of sudden surprises, unforeseen opportunities and, at times, unwelcome news. Confronting these circumstances with self-awareness and spiritual maturity is the secret to living with happiness, purpose, and profound satisfaction.” – Agnieszka

How Agnieszka Can Help You

As an empath, Agnieszka is highly in tune with her emotions. For this reason, she is also sensitive to the emotions and energy frequencies of those around her. Our healing journey depends on opening our intuitive and emotional channels and requires a skilled energy therapist to assist in the unblocking of these vital pathways. From spiritual coaching toshambhala healing, reiki, craniosacral therapy, and home cleansing, Agnieszka makes its her mission to help you reach your true spiritual potential.

We are all here to fulfill a specific calling in life. Sometimes we lose our way, stray from our spiritual paths, or clash with different people we encounter while on earth. Although we make everyday plans and strive to create our own realities, personal trauma, interpersonal conflict, psychological stress, or tragic events may thwart this process. Even though our Spirit is constantly striving to fulfill its destiny, we can become stuck, losing both our faith and our focus. Rediscover your sense of purpose as Agnieszka helps you become the best version of yourself you can be!

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