The Importance of Energy Healing

Greetings from my home studio! Welcome, I’m so glad you’ve found your way to my blog.

For my first post, I’m going to talk about energy healing. I’ve been getting so many questions from my clients about the types of healing services I do. 

Friend, I’m a huge believer in the power of energetic modalities. I think any good healer should offer some kind of spiritual work in addition to card readings, medium sessions, palm readings, and more. 

The reason for this is simple: to support the spiritual breakthrough that often takes place after your first healing session, it’s almost always necessary to address deeper spiritual blockages that all of us carry with us in our day to day lives. 

Here are some of the top questions about energy healing that my clients ask me on a regular basis.

#1: What is energy work?

Energy work (reiki, cranio-sacral therapy) combines spiritual intuition and the therapeutic touch to work to clear and balance areas in our energetic systems that may be stuck or blocked.

A qualified energy worker can assist you in changing patterns by identifying the issues that are creating them, and then assist in releasing and reprogramming these issues at their root.

#2: I’ve come across the word “blockage” before. What does it mean?

A blockage is a barrier that prevents our our body and spirit from reaching its true potential. Blockages may begin from holding onto and/or repeating patterns of trauma, grief, fear, stress, poor diet, and self-defeating thoughts.This can affect our energetic bodies, which can in turn affect other levels of our health. Over time, this manifests as physical illness.

For example, chronic worry and continuous patterns of self-defeated thinking can potentially affect our internal state, creating digestive or eating disorders. If not addressed, these patterns can lead to ulcers headaches, constipation, nutrient loss, and malabsorption.


#4: What is cranio-sacral therapy?   

Cranio-sacral therapy is a holistic wellness treatment. Holistic means integrity of the body, mind, emotions, and soul. All aspects of our being work together to bring us wholeness, balance, and happiness if we’re spiritually healthy. Cranio-sacral therapy helps one achieve harmony within the whole person as well as the relationships one holds with the outside world.

#5: What’s involved in a cranio-sacral session? 

A cranio-sacral session may include:

  • Body work to release stress and tension from the brain and nerves of the entire body.
  • Breathing techniques to remove emotional energy blockages from internal organs and connective tissue.
  • Energy work to balance and revitalize mind, body, and psyche

#5: What is reiki? Is it different from cranio-sacral therapy?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It involves using one’s hands to guide our vital life force energy. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, If it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

The main difference between reiki and cranial sacral therapy is the level of activity involved. In a typical reiki session, the client lays down and receives the therapeutic touch of the healer at various meridian points along the body. In cranio-sacral therapy, body work is required to release energetic blockages. 

One helpful way to remember the difference between reiki and cranial sacral therapy is that reiki supports the flow of the body’s own organic energy, while cranial sacral therapy works to remove negative energy that blocks the body’s energy rhythms. 

#6: Are there different types of reiki?

Yes. There’s shamballa reiki, usui shiki reiki, and ryoho reiki. My personal favourite is shamballa reiki.

#7: If I book an energy healing session with you, can you help me determine which type of energy healing is best for me?

Absolutely! I sit down with every one of my new clients to develop a therapeutic plan that’s best for them. The best results always take place when the client is open to various healing modalities. I encourage all my clients to provide as much detail as possible when booking their first energy healing session with me (link to contact form).

Thanks for stopping by. I can’t wait to share more posts with you in the future.



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