Change can be hard; it moves like water inside you. Water is an emotional element. It’s really important to release that emotional energy, so it’s okay to cry. It all depends on the nature of the change, which can sometimes bring up old hurts and challenges we’ve tried to ignore. Change is hard but good. […]

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Hello friends, I’m moving! In March I’ll be relocating to Nova Scotia. Please know that I am still available to do distance card readings and healing sessions for all my in-person clients. I already have a virtual clientele and I would be happy to help you transition. I want you to feel comfortable with this […]

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Grounding is so important, but Have you noticed that it’s often a struggle? I definitely feel grounding is more difficult to do now than ever before. Years ago we didn’t have all this technology around us interrupting our connection to the universe. The earth’s spirit is like a current, you must intentionally tap into it. […]

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Flower Essences

The first flower essence product was created in England by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. Bach had experience in both traditional Western medicine and alternative therapies: after practicing as a house surgeon, medical officer, consultant, and bacteriologist for over twenty years, he later developed an interest in homeopathy and eventually began preparing his own […]

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