Grounding is so important, but Have you noticed that it’s often a struggle?

I definitely feel grounding is more difficult to do now than ever before. Years ago we didn’t have all this technology around us interrupting our connection to the universe. The earth’s spirit is like a current, you must intentionally tap into it. But modern life makes this even more difficult: cars, electricity, television, cell phones and towers (and much more). How do these things interrupt our connection to the earth’s spirit or current? Because we ourselves are made of the earth’s current, we’re always evolving with the current.

Essentially, our energy interacts with other energies and currents that aren’t natural. This makes it difficult for us to ground ourselves in the earth. The inability to ground leads to anxiety, stress, insomnia–all sorts of physical and mental sicknesses. Since everything is connected, we are connecting more to these technologies rather than to the earth’s natural spiritual current, which prevents us from growing spiritually.

If you’ve have had a difficult time grounding, you’re not the only one, and it’s not your fault! Every day I have to meditate and ground myself to make wise decisions, to feel better and calmer, to more forward in my journey. So we need to charge ourselves by connecting to the earth’s spiritual current. How do we do this? How do we make sure we connect to the earth and get grounded? What are some simple grounding exercises we can do in our everyday lives?

I recommend having a few plants in your house, going barefoot often (especially outside), and disconnecting from your digital devices. Listening to music, being around animals, and working with crystals is also grounding. Certain essential oils also having amazing grounding properties. Place a grounding oil like Cedarwood or Frankincense on a napkin or your hand and smell it, you’ll see how fast this has a grounding effect on your whole body. Gardening and meditating are fantastic things to do as well.

During the fall season I personally like to go out in the morning and walk around in the grass before the dew evaporates. I find this wakes up my senses, it smells fresh and earthy. Then I’ll meditate. This can take as little as five minutes, it doesn’t have to be a full hour-long meditation session! You don’t want to make it hard, you can ground yourself very quickly and easily by doing any of these things for a short amount of time.

So I encourage you to challenge yourself: set aside one week to do one of these grounding techniques everyday for five minutes, see how you feel. It’s also a good idea to keep a journal during this time so you can see the difference it makes in your life. Some of the things you’ll start notice are changes in your mood and stress levels. For example, when you’re sad, angry, or stressed, and you go for a walk in nature or listen to music, you won’t come back feeling the same way. Even if you still feel a bit upset, you’ll feel a sense of relief. Nature is healing and grounding on its own.

If you’d like more guidance on how to ground, feel free to contact me for a healing session.

Na Zdorovie,


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