Spiritual Balloon Release

What is a spiritual balloon release?

The balloon release is a spiritual exercise that enables you to let go of the things that make you worry. These can be anything–negativity, fears, sicknesses, toxic people, doubts, or unpleasant situations. If you don’t want to deal with the situation, you can put it inside a spiritual balloon and simply release it.

When something or someone doesn’t serve you any more, but you struggle to free yourself from it, I recommend using this technique. If you are still holding onto things that block you from experiencing spiritual freedom, this may be something for you to do. I don’t only recommend balloon release, I personally do this for myself all the time!

Today, I’m going to show you how to do a spiritual balloon release, too.

First, think of something (or someone) that bothers you and try to relax. You are now in a physical and mental headspace which is completely free from every distraction–you have tuned everything out from your awareness. In this meditative state, visualize yourself holding a balloon.

Next, put that negative person or situation inside the balloon. While they’re in the balloon, observe the colour of the balloon. This is important because different colours mean different things: the colour you visualize means something about the energetic blockage that is harming you. For example, if the balloon is blue, the person or thing inside the balloon is affecting your throat chakra. They are hindering your ability to speak.

Once you have done this, release the balloon into the universe. You should do this in love, even though the balloon (and what’s inside it) is causing you pain. As you release it, ask the universe to take care of it. You let go of your stress and anxieties attached to the balloon, and surrender it to the Divine.

You will immediately feel lighter, freer, and clearer. You may have other experiences too–this is all part of process of freeing ourselves.

You can do this spiritual balloon release on a regular basis, anywhere and anytime–it only takes a few seconds. You can do this at home, at work, or at a social gathering to strengthen the progress you make in your healing sessions.

Thanks for reading! Warm wishes this holiday season.

Na Zdorovie!


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