Flower Essences

The first flower essence product was created in England by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. Bach had experience in both traditional Western medicine and alternative therapies: after practicing as a house surgeon, medical officer, consultant, and bacteriologist for over twenty years, he later developed an interest in homeopathy and eventually began preparing his own herbal remedies, believing that symptoms of illness are expressions of negative emotional states.

Bach was a pioneering healer who recognized the soul-spiritual dimensions of healing, shaping our contemporary understanding of how flower essences work. But even though he was the first person to develop Bach Flower Remedies, the original commercial line of flower essences, flowers and their essences have been used for spiritual and emotional healing around the world for thousands of years.

We know that the ancient Egyptians collected the dew of flowers to treat emotional imbalances (this was over 3,000 years ago). The earliest recorded European use was of Hildegard von Bigen, an abbess living in 11th century Germany. The Aboriginal people of Australia would also drink the watery essence of flowers, similarly to how they are used today.

I first learned about flower essences from a woman named Lori at Enlightened Feelings. At the time, I was new to Niagara, and I was experiencing many shifts in my life. That’s one of the most important benefits of flower essences: they help you through hard life transitions. I experienced incredible results working with her, and afterwards, I became interested in making my own flower essences.

Now, I like to incorporate flower essence healing into my energetic sessions. I use my own essences as well as Bach’s original flower remedies. It’s not something you have to do, but I recommend it, as it enhances the effects of each healing treatment.

Please see my price list to learn more about integrating flower essence therapy into your healing sessions.

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