We Are Waking Up

A lot of people are having trouble going out right now. Even just to go shopping at the store. People who are intuitive have always had difficulties going out and about, because they pick up the energy of those around them.

This week, I went to the bank, and it took me 15 minutes just to get up and go inside. I sat in my car grounding myself. People’s emanations and energies are everywhere, and right now during this co-vid crisis, anxieties are running very high. I can feel these energies much more strongly right now.

So what do I do?

Well, I don’t go out as often, or only when necessary. If I have to go out, I make sure I wait a bit before I go, and properly ground myself ahead of time. I make sure to have a good night’s sleep. Another little trick: I bring a piece of candy. Sucking on candy is soothing, and brings us back to being a baby or a small child, when we would suck on a soother or thumb to comfort us.

I also recommend meditating regularly. Take a walk outside, out in the sun. Protect your physical body by eating healthy. And always make sure to bring spiritual protection (a pedant or crystal, for example) when you decide to leave the house.

The important thing to know is this: if you’re feeling more anxious and sensitive to spirit or energy right now, it’s perfectly normal. A big change in the universe is happening, and it’s okay to be scared. If you’re having a hard time, be gentle with yourself and don’t let your ego beat you up.

This discomfort is a necessary part of spiritual awakening. We are all waking up!

Be well my friends, and know that I am here to support you spiritually during this pandemic.

Na Zdorovie,


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