Crystals and Spirituality

Spiritual crystals are one of the most powerful tools for awakening the inner spirit. They can help us tune into our intuition, connect to higher consciousness, awaken the kundalini, and improve the mind-body-spirit connection. — Cosmic Cuts

You may or may not be familiar with the connection between crystals and spirituality. Maybe it seems strange to hold onto a gemstone while doing yoga, praying, or meditating. But the fact is, every crystal comes from the Earth and is charged with unique healing energies. No two crystals are the same, and there are so many different crystals that can be used for so many different issues–and not just spiritual!

That’s the beauty of crystals: they improve the “mind-body-spirit connection,” as the quote above explains. When we hold something physical in our hands, we ground ourselves in the material world and anchor our spiritual intentions within reality. We can focus our thoughts on something tangible, something specifically selected to help us overcome negativity, unpleasant memories, unhealthy attitudes about ourselves or others, anxiety, or limiting beliefs. Just holding crystals associated with a particular property or characteristic helps us embrace the healing outcomes associated with each stone.

Here’s just a short list of crystals and their potential benefits:

  • Rose quartz, emerald, rhodonite and emotional health
  • Lepidolite and amazonite and reducing fear and anxiety
  • Citrine and happiness
  • Amethyst and clear quartz and spiritual awakening
  • Red jasper and circulatory issues
  • many more…

I am excited to announce that I am selling handmade crystal trees in my store. Stay tuned for the next blog post, where I discuss the benefits of the crystal citrine in-depth.

As always, be well, and remember that I am here to support you spiritually as we move forward from this pandemic!

Na Zdorovie,


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